1, 1854-1872 (1 volume); Record of Executions [with index], vol. 52 to 263-no. Series documents actions filed with the county related to mineral interest claims. 1907-1929 Series documents the recording of deaths in the county. 2-14 with index], vol. 1-11220, ca.1849-1942 (268 reels of microfilm); [Probate-Index to Probate Court Records and Files-indexes case files, registers, and journals], vol. ); Circuit Court Cases Indirect [Index], 1952-1970 (.80 cu.ft. ); [Zone Change Case Files-accession no. ); Assessment Roll [title varies], 1867, 1869, 1879-1880, 1883-1906, 1911, 1916, 1921, 1927-1929 (119 volumes); [Delinquent Tax Lists], 1911-1919 (.15 cu.ft. Records show property owner; description and value of urban and agricultural land, personal property, and livestock; assessments, equalizations, and taxes due; and notations on payment and delinquency in payment of taxes. Off-Road Vehicle Ordinance #1272 Use of and/or registration on any portion of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (updated 4/4/2023), Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement, and Your Privacy Choices and Rights (updated 1/26/2023). Series provides visual documentation of changes made to county lands through development and by natural and man-made disasters. [Delayed Birth Petitions and Decrees-documents births from ca.1865-ca.1930], no. Court [Circuit-includes some county court actions-with index], vol. Census [School District No. Fund [County School Fund Distribution Record], 1873-1886 (1 volume); Teacher's Institute Register, 1892-1896 (1 volume). [Board of Commissioners Ordinances-includes zoning ordinances], no. Marion County joined the Oregon Judicial Information Network (OJIN) in 1987. A-Z [Knox Survey Field Books Alphabetical Card Index], ca.1910-ca.1938 (.20 cu.ft. Donation land claims are the most common type of federal land grant in Oregon that is documented in this inventory project. ); [Partition Case Files-accession no. 1-6, 1856-1911 (6 volumes). Deputy Politics Editor Jamie Goldberg and reporter Ted Sickinger contributed to this report. Josephine County Jefferson County. See the Circuit Court Journals series and Circuit Court Dockets series for circuit court documents and information dating from 1971 to 1984. 4, 1896-1907 (1 volume). ); Recorders Court Case Files [City of Salem-served as ex-officio justice court], 1870-1898 (2 cu.ft.). ); US District Court Case #361 [accession no. 2, 1912-1959 (1 volume); Medical Personnel Registers [Record of Dentists' Certificates-with index], vol. ); Town Plats [Subdivision], vol. 1, 1851-1975 (1 volume); Naturalization Petitions and Records [Petitions Granted and Denied], 1896-1906, 1930-1975 (3 volumes); Naturalization Petitions and Records [Transferred Petitions], 1954-1973 (1 volume); Naturalization Petitions and Records [with index], vol. Crook County. [Justice Court Case Files-Salem District-accession number 90-002], 1887-1928 (3 cu.ft. 1-2786, 1859-1941 (10 cu.ft. Marriage Apps. Series may also include alphabetical indexes of individuals filing a recording. Series includes deeds, land sales contracts, quit claim deeds, homestead exemption claims, corporate certificates, agreements, correction deeds, special assessments of unzoned farmland, easements, and indirect and direct deed indexes. Series documents the registration of voters and the compilation of election results. Cabinet No. 2002.020.0123], 1904 (.10 cu.ft.). Assessment and Tax Roll Lands Classified for Reforestation, 1932-1941 (1 volume); Assessment and Tax Roll Microfiche [accession no. 2002.020.0120], 1913-1989 (.10 cu.ft. 90.010.003], 1983-1985 (4 cu.ft. al-Teachers-accession no. Records may include census rolls and abstracts, farm schedules, abstract of assessment and census, enumeration of inhabitants and industrial products, and enumeration of inhabitants and military enrollment. 2002.020.0140], 1915-1921 (1 volume); Oregon School Register and Record Book [District No. Series documents the population, property, and agricultural production of the county. 2002.020.0144], 1934-1941 (.05 cu.ft. [Aerial Photographic Negative Film], 1955 (12 canisters of film); 1968 (9 canisters of film); [Aerial Photographs-with index], 1955 (ca.300 photographs); 1958 (ca.200 photographs); Aerial Photos, 1955 (ca.1500 photographs); [Large Aerial Photographs-with meander lines and other notations-rolled], n.d. (7 cu.ft.). Declarations of intention may also be included. Types of actions include mineral rights and royalty assignments, mineral interest claims, lease releases, interest stipulations, corrections, bills of sale and conveyance assignments, and location notices. [Deed Index and Abstract of Description], vol. R1-R819, 1974-1990 (ca.1000 volumes). Series may also include an index arranged either alphabetically by name of owner or by farm name. 29-Rocky Point-accession no. 24 [Amended-title varies], 1958-1969 (2 binders); Ord # 24 [Marion County Zoning Ordinance], 1960-1961 (.15 cu.ft. 95.023.004], 1929-1934 (2 cu.ft.). Regulates use of off-road vehicles (dirt bikes, four-wheel drive vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, jeeps, and halftracks) to minimize conflicts and prevent damage to the environment (repeals Ordinance 1142). East Salem Service District Ordinance #1174Regulates maintenance of the drainage ditches of the East Salem Service District, prohibiting dumping and trespass and requiring permits for structures. Sch. 1-3, ca.1915-ca.1983 (3 volumes); Surveys [Filed Plats-includes road surveys and corner restoration information-contains a small number of earlier surveys], no. Technical road survey maps may be found in the series titled Road Maps and Survey Notes. Meanwhile, bad news continued to pile up for Fagan on Friday. Election voting abstracts have been inventoried through 1960. 74600-146297, 1971-1983 (9 inches of microfiche); [Indirect Circuit Court Registers-Index], ca.1850-ca.1960 (9 sheets of microfiche). ); Road Proceedings [includes petitions, orders, resolutions, vacations, and related records], no. Additional land ownership records may be found in Deeds and Indexes. 2-4, 1896-1908 (3 volumes); Probate Journal, vol. 38], 1895-1932, 1949-1950 (11 volumes); School District Records [District Clerk's Record Book-District No. This series is commonly referred to as the Book of Records. 02.026.020], 1895-1897 (.35 cu.ft.). 07.103.002], 1986-2004 (1 cu.ft. of computer printouts); Budgets [County-accession no. Series documents the authorization by the state and local governments for the use of public waters. [Sheriff's Sale of Real Property on Foreclosure-Published Notices-accession no. However, the county courts in Gilliam, Grant, Harney, Malheur, Sherman, and Wheeler Counties continue to hear probate cases. Series documents the actions of the county court in civil and some criminal cases. [Ord. 1-13, 1855-1910 (13 volumes); vol. However, the county courts in Gilliam, Grant, Harney, Malheur, Sherman, and Wheeler Counties continue to hear probate cases. 02.026.010], vol. Comprehensive Plan [accession no. County Codes & Ordinances. Eliminates hazards of unrestricted and unregulated entry onto County roads and public road rights-of-way from adjacent properties and provides authorization to construct any approach road or alteration or change in use of such roads. ); BOC Minutes [Board of Commissioners-title varies], 1985-1996 (4 cu.ft. A complete homestead entry file includes such documents as the homestead application, homestead proof, and final certificate authorizing the claimant to obtain a land patent. Klamath County. 02.026.008], 1897 (.05 cu.ft.). 2002.020.0151], 1907 (1 volume); 1908 (1 volume); 1909 (1 volume); 1910 (1 volume); School Minutes [Records-Board of Directors-School District No. 2002.020.0140], 1909-1914 (1 volume); Oregon School Register and Record Book [District No. 98.002.001], 1976-1977 (28 volumes); Assessment Roll and Tax Roll [accession no. ); Road and Bridge Records [Report of Viewers and Appraiser of the Silverton to Marquam Road], 1907 (1 volume). 1-3, 1907-1968 (3 volumes); [Torrens File-Index], 1909-1971 (1 volume); [Torrens File-Numerical Case Register], 1907-1964 (1 volume); Torrens Memorial Documents [Registration of Title], no. 1504 Public School System [Directory of Salem Public Schools], 1916-1917 (1 volume); Mss. [Proceedings-includes resolutions, county officials reports, road petitions, a small number of coroner's inquest records, and other records], 1897-1944 (14 cu.ft. 1987.019], 1911-1932 (3 volumes); Oregon School Register and Record Book [District No. 02.012.005], 1995-1996 (5 cu.ft. Series documents the filing of transactions, authorized by statute, with the clerk or recorder of the county for the purpose of making the transaction a matter of public record. Phone: (352) 671-5622 . [Marion County Zoning Ordinance], 1970 (1 binder); Zone Code [Marion County], 1975 (1 binder); 1976 (1 binder); 1977 (2 binders); Urban Zoning Ordinance, n.d.-2004 (1 binder). [Citizenships-includes petitions, orders, depositions, and certificates-accession no. 03.013], 1996 (1 cu.ft. ); [County Courthouse Blueprints], 1951-1952 (1 volume); Countywide Address Maps [Elections Division], n.d.-2012 (6 volumes); Juvenile Court Center [Plans], 1962 (20 drawings); [Marion County Corrections Facility Plans], 1986-1987 (70 drawings); [Minto-Brown Island Park Development Study-includes maps], 1973 (1 volume); Miscellaneous Files [Flood Insurance Rate Map-Federal Emergency Management Agency], 1987 (.30 cu.ft. 3-4, 1871-1906 (2 volumes); Record of Roads [includes survey notes and drawings, establishment information, and reports], vol. 2787-11607, 1941-1979 (9 cu.ft.). Boundary Board Minutes [School District], 1869-1922, 1941-1981 (5 volumes); County Superintendent's Register and Record Book [includes names of commissioned teachers, 8th grade examination scores, and annual reports], 1888, 1890-1920 (57 volumes); District School Census Records [Monthly Report of Public Schools], vol. 24-Salem-accession no. ); [Zone Change Case Files-accession no. 2002.020.0140], 1926-1931 (1 volume); Oregon School Register and Record Book [District No. al-Teachers-accession no. All rights reserved (About Us). Currently these records are filed with the State Registrar, Vital Statistics Section of the Health Division. ); Commissioners Court Records [Administrative-accession no. 71-Liberty School-Advanced Room-Hoag and Lehman-Teachers-accession no. 1 to 3394], 1939-1983 (1 volume). ); Loggers Marks and Brands [accession no. The Oregon Government Ethics Commission received an ethics complaint regarding Fagans consulting work with the La Mota affiliate, an official with the commission confirmed. 24-Salem-accession no. [Boundaries-Legal Descriptions], no. Cancellation of Water Rights [Records], 1958-1972 (.15 cu.ft. 10.067.001], 2003-2005 (6 cu.ft. Surveyor's Land Descriptions [Legal], ca.1924-ca.1943 (1 cu.ft. Series may include reports by the treasurer, surveyor, clerk, roadmaster, assessor, sheriff, school superintendent, and county nurse or doctor. 1-3, 1897-1920 (3 volumes); Mental Health Records [Mentally Diseased Record], vol. 1-5658, 1863-1947 (8 cu.ft. ); Assessment and Tax Records [Record of Delinquent Tax Sales-with index], vol. Index to Probate Court Files [Case], 1952-1973 (.40 cu.ft. 71-Liberty School-accession no. However, the county courts in Gilliam, Grant, Harney, Malheur, Sherman, and Wheeler Counties continue to hear probate cases. On the campaign trail in 2020, Democratic secretary of state candidate Shemia Fagan promised voters she would bring a focus on integrity and accountability to the job. The secretary has been fully transparent about her public work and has shared all the information in her contract that is relevant to her status as a public official, contended Morris, while refusing to respond to a request from The Oregonian/OregonLive for a copy of Fagans consulting contract. For more recent records, contact the Secretary of State. ); Mental Hearings [Commitment Case Files-accession no. Reports include date filed; name, age, sex, race, parentage, and birthplace of deceased; date, place, and time of death; names of undertaker and coroner; testimony; and costs. how to remove cursor pointer in word, austin fc jersey academy, ,
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